Asbestos-Inspection and Demolition

Suppose you plan to demolish a building, renovate a building for commercial purposes, and have acquired a permit to destroy it. In that case, you need to get an asbestos-inspection-Adelaide. If the inspector is an accredited one, he/she will be able to do an asbestos inspection as a part of his work. Always remember that asbestos is dangerous not only because of the particles it releases into the air but also because of the fibres that make it into the building materials. When these materials are disturbed, they release fibres into the air which can aggravate existing respiratory ailments, cause cancer, and in the long term cause deadly diseases. Therefore, to avoid such complications, you should ensure that your demolition is done according to a strict plan.

Asbestos-Inspection-Adelaide You should also find out the exact asbestos content of any building before tearing down the structure. Trained professionals generally carry out asbestos inspections, and so the level of contamination in the air should not be underestimated. When tearing down contain asbestos, most buildings must have an asbestos-inspection-Adelaide done on the site before the demolition process begins. It would be best if you got an inspection done before tearing down a building to avoid inhaling the asbestos fibres released into the air during the demolition process. It is especially true if the demolition is taking place close to an occupied building.

Even though you may think that the presence of asbestos in any building would automatically mean that it has to be demolished, this is not always the case. For example, if the structure contains friable asbestos, it is usually safe to remove it yourself. The use of proper safety equipment can help you do it safely. The use of a high-pressure shop vacuum sweeper would be an ideal choice. This type of equipment can remove the friable asbestos and flaking remains from the floor, walls, and ceiling of the area without creating any health hazards.

If there are dwelling units in your property, it is essential to have an asbestos-inspection-Adelaide done before tearing down any units. If the inspectors find that the asbestos is still present in these dwelling units after demolition, they may recommend that you tear down the entire building. However, there are situations where this is not feasible. For example, if the dwelling unit’s contaminated area is located near a floor drain or drainage system, it may not be safe to tear down the building. In such cases, the inspector may recommend that you contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor who can safely remove the contaminated dwelling units.