Advantages of a split AC system

Split AC systems, which are made of two components housed in different areas, is generally employed by commercial entities. Among them is the Mitsubishi Company. The Mitsubishi split AC has two components, the hot and the cold parts. These parts are separate. On the outside is the thermal unit, while on the inside is the freezing unit, placed in the air exchange unit.

Although their installation may be a little complicated, they have more advantages than the common AC units. The Mitsubishi split AC units are more common because they have excellent energy efficiency, they use the Catechin plus air purification system, fast cooling, eco-friendly operations and most importantly, long and wide throw. Additionally, the system has 24/7 operation, auto restart, an anti-allergen enzyme filter and is the quietest, with sounds of only 19 Db.

In-depth, these advantages include:

Have impeccable noise reduction

On any AC model, the condenser can be quite noisy. Keeping the condenser outside will make sure that there is no noise in the house. The split AC unit is one of the most silent AC systems in the market. It can operate as silently as 19 Db. These sounds are significantly lower than those of the window unit.

Easier Installation Process

Compared to the traditional air conditioning systems, the Mitsubishi split AC units are easier to install. They have ductless condensers which have a much smaller profile. It makes it easier to position in spaces with limited space. The manufacturers provide a refrigerant tube of different length, depending on your home’s specification. Therefore, you can place the two units up to 100 feet apart.

The Units have Excellent Energy Efficiency

The central system consumes a lot of energy. It’s because there is heat loss in the ductwork. The ducts may leak, causing losses of up to 30%. With uninsulated ductwork and ductworks installed in unconditioned spaces, then the chances of energy loss increase. However, with the split AC systems, you get a ductless system. Consequently, energy and utility bills reduced, saving you a lot of money. Moreover, the split system has almost double the efficiency of your standard AC system.

Higher Security Levels

Among other window AC units, the Mitsubishi split AC units are the safest. Since one unit is outside and the other one inside without ductwork, there are very few chances intruders accessing your home. The hole in which the conduit goes through poses minimal risk to your home, compared to the window, through which criminals can enter your home.

Since now you know the tremendous benefits of a split AC unit, get yourself one and enjoy fresh and chill air at fewer prices.