The Benefits of Using Baling Supplies

Livestock feeds preservation is not a new concept and have been with us for a very long time. The only thing that keeps on changing is the way we preserve the feeds. Just like any other industry is evolving, the agricultural sector is not left behind, and there are more and more innovations to make livestock farming easy and economical.

From the old days, silage making was all about using silage pits and silos. Although these methods are as effective as they were today, they are now overtaken by time as there are better silage preservation methods that guarantee you quality silage that can last up to 12 months. All you need is use quality silage wrap or silage film.

When using silage wrap to preserve silage, you don’t need to dig a silage pit. For example, if you are making silage using grass, you only need to harvest your grass or fodder, use a baler to make the bales and then use the silage wrap to wrap it. By wrapping, you will keep both oxygen and water outside which are responsible for causing rotting. You can then leave the silage bales on the farm and rest assured that you will have quality feeds at the end.

On the other hand, silage film also known as silage cover is used when making corn silage. Instead of burying your silage in a silage pit, you only need to spread silage cover, pour the silage and compact it, and then use silage film to cover the heap of silage. You can then use tires to put weight on the covers to ensure the wind does not blow the covers.

When making hay, you can as well use the modern methods. It is where you use quality baling twine and net wrap. The twine is for binding the baled grass together while net wrapper will be used to wrap the hay bales. By using these, you don’t need to have storage space unlike the traditional way of preserving hay bales. The net wrapping material comes with unique features that keep the baled content safe. For example, the water shedding feature ensures that no rotting takes place. Also, it is UV stable which assures the farmer that the baled hay is safe from the harsh UV rays. The material is durable as well for easy handling during transportation.

As you can see from above, the modern preservation methods, i.e. using baling supplies comes with many benefits. These benefits include reduced cost, you can preserve the feeds for up to 12 months, and finally, you can preserve as much feeds as you so wish. You are not restricted as it is with traditional preservation methods. Therefore, if you are already in this business or you are planning to venture into livestock farming, make sure that you embrace the modern farming methods which include the use of bale supplies, and you are sure to succeed in this business endeavour.