3 DIY Stump Removal & Cleaning Tips and Techniques You Should Know

Removing a stump can be quite tricky. But that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY it. We have three different ways you can DIY your stump removal & cleaning Sydney task. Continue reading to find out.


One of the go-to options that most homeowners do with their tree stump is to burn it. The burning technique is said to be a natural way to remove your stump without harming the environment. While you will be leaving a massive mark of ashes on the ground, most of your lawn will be safe. However, while many homeowners praise this type of method, it’s far from perfect.

Stump removal & Cleaning SydneyTree stumps have a vast interconnection of roots that extend far into the ground. That makes it extremely difficult for the tree stump to receive the right amount of oxygen that it needs to burn thoroughly. A low-oxygen burn can potentially leave behind charcoal, creating an even bigger problem. The reason is that it’s nearly impossible to decompose and remove. So, make sure you assess these factors before committing to the burning process.


Grubbing is the most straightforward stump removal & cleaning Sydney method that you can use to remove your tree. It’s the process of using manual labour to dig out your stump and uproot it. But while it may be the case, it’s also the method that uses the most tools. By choosing this method, you will need a handful of tools such as a pickaxe, a shovel, a standard axe, and more. The very first step in the grubbing process is to dig a trench from the circumference of your tree stump. Once you’ve established the perimeter, you can now proceed to sever the roots and start digging the stump up from under the ground.

Keep in mind that there are many instances where grubbing may not be plausible as it will depend on the size of the stump you’re dealing with. Another factor is the hardness of the earth around it. Again, consider these factors and see if grubbing is the right method for your case.


The last but certainly not least option is grinding. It’s the most popular option that most stump removal services use to remove a stump. It requires a standard stump grinder, which reduces the entire stump into bits and pieces. It’s the fastest method available as it can have your stump removed completely in a matter of hours.

If you don’t want to remove your stump on your own, you can always hire professional stump removal & cleaning Sydney services. Visit our website to know more about our expert stump removal services.