Back-to-School Styles

You can find great deals on quality kids shoes at Back-to-School Sales. You can find all the top brands you know and love at old-school prices. Converse, Nike, Adidas, Skechers, and more are available at steep discounts. In addition to these back-to-school sales, you can find some fantastic Back-to-School shoe styles. These shoes are great for running, playing, and just about any other activity.

kids shoesSize chart for children’s shoes

Kids should wear shoes that fit correctly. Shoes that are too big can limit their walking and playing. To find the proper size, use a children’s shoe size chart. There are many of these charts available on the internet, and they can even be printed out and used to measure your child’s foot. To use one of these charts, you need to know your child’s height and width, and then use the size chart to find the right size for your child. Check out the collections from

To find the correct size for your child’s shoes, start by measuring the width of the toes. Next, press the tips of the shoes with your thumb to measure the width. You can also remove the child’s insoles and stand your child on them, then measure the width up front. You should leave about half an inch of space between the toes and the front of the shoe. If the shoe is too narrow, you will buy a size too big.


Many different materials are used in kids shoes, including plastic, fabric, and leather. The most comfortable kids’ shoes are made from leather. It is both flexible and durable. Leather also breathes, so your child’s feet stay cool and dry. Most other types of material won’t allow your child’s feet to breathe, so you need to look for shoes made from natural rubber. You can also look for shoes with a “last” that is free of chrome. It will provide exceptional protection for their delicate skin.

Children’s shoes take a lot of abuse and usually last only one year. While it may be tempting to opt for fast fashion shoes, you’ll be disappointed if these shoes do not last through more than one child. Luckily, high-quality shoes are likely to last more than one child, so you can pass them down to future generations. Sustainable materials also add to your child’s wardrobe. While shoes for children are often not cheap, you can find some great options.


Children’s shoes have come a long way since the early 1800s. In Massachusetts, babies wore soft leather-soled heels called “cacks.” The word “bootee” didn’t even enter common usage until 1929! Nonetheless, today’s kids’ footwear is available in many styles. Let’s take a look at a few popular styles. These types of footwear are ideal for kids in any season!

In medieval London, children’s footwear reflected adult styles. Nonetheless, children’s footwear lacked sophistication and style, trailing by about fifty years. Closures were more critical for practicality than fashion, and extreme styles were reserved for adults. In 17th-century Boston, children’s footwear was available in various styles, including the famous Poulaine shoes with a pointed toe. Check out the collections from


The footwear industry has embraced new technologies in children’s shoe closures, including Velcro and no-tie elastic systems. Though laces still offer a secure fit, closure systems can help children develop motor and cognitive skills and prevent foot sprains. In addition, the average person takes thousands of steps each day, so closures can help prevent repetitive stress to the feet. While children should be able to tie their shoes early, the latest advances in closure systems aim to improve foot health and comfort.


Kids are quick to grow out of their shoes, so the price of kids’ shoes should be affordable. But parents spend most of their time chasing their kids around the house and spending most of their money on outfits, food, and entertainment. So with prices starting at just $1, kids’ shoes are a great way to save money while still giving them the same style and quality as adults.