The Relationship of Weighted Blankets and Your Sleep

You probably already have an idea or two about weighted blankets and how they can help in improving your sleep. But you must see it for yourself. You’ve been dealing with sleeping issues your entire life, but that will soon change once you get a hold of CalmingBlankets Best Weighted Blanket.

Mimicking a Hug

CalmingBlankets Best Weighted BlanketOne of the benefits of using a weighted blanket is that it hugs you all night long. Thanks to the included weight, the blankets will cover you no matter just how much you relocate your sleep. You can bid farewell to get up with your back cold in the middle of the night.

Even Weight Circulation

A weighted blanket is specially developed to hug your body, no matter which part of the blanket you’re using. The weighted hypoallergenic beads are equally distributed across the blanket’s surface area. All the pockets weigh same, so the blanket will put even pressure on your body whether you lay in the middle of your bed or on among its sides.

Optimum Comfort

Using a weighted blanket is reassuring, and it can relax you down. Thanks to their weight, CalmingBlankets Finest Weighted Blanket put pressure on your nerves, which sets off an effect called deep touch pressure or DTP.

Mood Improvement

Using a CalmingBlankets Best Weighted Blanket can eliminate your anxiety and improve your state of mind. The blanket’s extra weight produces a reassuring feeling, like being hugged does. This might sound unexpected, but the pressure created by a weighted blanket is like the pressure your body registers when you’re being held. And this pressure promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin into your bloodstream.

Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are typically called “feel-good chemicals”. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays essential functions in your memory, happiness, and inner reward system.

Whenever you do something like finishing a job, passing a test, or doing a kindness, your brain launches dopamine into your bloodstream, enhancing your mood and making you feel great about yourself.

Serotonin helps your brain manage your wake-sleep cycle, and it plays a role in reducing your anxiety and improving your mood. Serotonin is among the neurotransmitters, and your mind utilises to neutralise the impacts of stress. By treating the effects of stress, serotonin lowers your anxiety.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Many weighted blankets and their covers are machine washable, so they are effortless to keep. Even though you can put the blanket and the cover in the clothes dryer, you should not topple dry them to lengthen their life expectancy.

Deal with Restless Leg Syndrome

Weighted blankets imitate a mild, stable hug around your legs. This might help relieve the signs of those who experience restless leg syndrome. Also, deep touch pressure promotes the production of serotonin, helping you feel calmer and less distressed throughout sleep when the symptoms of restless leg syndrome start to appear.