The Benefits of a Tesla Novated Lease

Tesla novated leases are an attractive solution for car enthusiasts who desire ownership of a Tesla but lack the funds. It is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing, and the leasing program offers additional benefits compared to traditional financing methods.

The novated lease model is financially binding for employers, employees and the financier, providing a more reliable way of financing an electric vehicle. Furthermore, it may reduce your tax bill since repayments come directly from pre-tax income.

Why Lease a Tesla?

Tesla novated lease calculatorNovated leasing may be your perfect solution if you’re considering investing in a Tesla but can’t stomach the cost. Plus, it’s an ideal way to test the waters before making long-term commitments. Use a Tesla novated lease calculator to learn more.

Letting a Tesla is far more cost-effective than other electric vehicles (EVs) when you consider that, provided you stay within your annual mileage limit, leasing one for three years typically costs around $63 less per month than financing the exact vehicle with loan payments.

Another significant advantage of a Tesla lease is that you can upgrade to a new model at the end of your contract. However, this may not be feasible for everyone, so it’s essential to consider your circumstances before making any decisions.

If you plan to drive many miles in your new EV, buying it outright might be wiser. Leased vehicles have an annual mileage limit; additional fees may apply if you exceed it or put too much wear and tear on the car.

Additionally, you might face difficulty getting insurance for your new EV since it’s considered an exotic car. Furthermore, due to its higher potential risk of breakdown and the need for costly repairs and upkeep, leasing a vehicle won’t be as valuable as owning one when the time comes to sell it. Furthermore, finding someone with similar financial circumstances could prove challenging if you want to trade up.

Why Lease a Tesla Model 3?

If you’re in the market for a Tesla Model 3 but can’t stomach the total price tag, lease or finance are your two options. While each has its advantages, which is best depends on factors like annual mileage expectations, driving habits and total ownership cost.

Leasing a car is typically less expensive than financing one, especially if you stay within your allotted mileage limit. Furthermore, leasing an electric vehicle such as Tesla allows for the benefit of an EV tax credit which may reduce monthly payments.

But leasing a Tesla can come with additional fees, like insurance and sales tax. So it is essential to weigh these costs against the advantages of owning a Tesla, such as selling your car for cash down the line and lowering maintenance expenses in the long run.

Many drivers still opt for Teslas as the more cost-effective option than gas-powered vehicles. Electric models don’t need extensive repairs like combustion engine cars; they require less upkeep over time.

Why Lease a Tesla Model X?

The Tesla Model X is undoubtedly one of the most iconic electric vehicles. Its bold design will surely turn heads and provide passengers with a comfortable journey.

This vehicle offers a greater range than most gasoline-powered cars, and it’s an environmentally friendly choice as it emits no CO2 emissions.

Additionally, leasing a vehicle from Tesla allows you to upgrade to an updated model after three years. The company consistently updates their models with new software and features.

Another advantage of leasing a Tesla is its fixed interest rate, meaning you can budget for consistent payments throughout the lease. It comes in handy when interest rates are high since it makes it simpler to afford monthly payments on your new electric vehicle.

Why Lease a Tesla Model S?

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly, sleek and innovative car but can’t stomach paying full price, a Tesla novated lease is your perfect solution. Not only does it offer lower monthly payments, but you also have the option to trade up to a new model within three years of the initial purchase if that’s what you prefer.

You can lease your Tesla online through Tesla’s website. The process is easy, with just a few boxes to check before placing your order.