Choosing a Custom Home Builder

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Melbourne, you should consider Normus Homes. They offer custom homes in the most sought-after locations and have a team of experts who have extensive skills across the board. They will work closely with you to create a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget. Contact the Normus team to discuss your custom design ideas. You will be glad you did! After all, it’s your forever home, so why not make it your own?

Normus home builderThe custom home building process starts from a blank canvas. A Normus home builder will consider the site’s orientation to make the most of the natural light and warmth. This will ensure that winter sunlight can reach every part of the home, while northern orientation will maximise the winter sun reaching the interior. This will reduce the need for heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy bills.

Custom home building is the efficient way to build a home that fits your needs and budget. Unlike other builders, a Normus home builder starts with a blank canvas to create a home that’s exactly what you want. It considers your needs and wants, as well as site conditions and council guidelines, which allows you to be as unique as possible. Normus homes are an award-winning custom house builder that delivers an exceptional level of service and a personalised experience. The Normus team is comprised of professionals in interior design and construction, and they will be able to meet your needs.

Choosing a custom home builder is an excellent decision if you’re looking for a beautiful and unique new home for your family. Normus Homes’ designs are customised to fit your site’s orientation and features. For example, depending on the site’s orientation, a Normus house can benefit from natural light, reducing the need for heating and cooling. The Normus team understands your needs and budget and can work with you to design a perfect home for you.

As a custom home builder, Normus Homes’ custom homes are designed for you and your family. They are tailored for each property and can take into account site orientation. In addition to designing homes according to the location, a Normus home can also be customised to suit your style and budget. The company’s designers are experienced and know the local market and will advise you on the right style and layout.

In addition to offering custom homes, Normus home builder is also celebrating 30 years in business. The company celebrates this milestone by giving their clients a birthday present – their new signature designs. The new Signature and Luxe designs are the most popular and are available in a wide range of floorplans. This will ensure the future of your home is protected. A customised Normus home can provide a beautiful and comfortable home for you and your family.