Learn How to Install DIY-Gutter-Guard-Kits-Online Gutter Mesh Melbourne for Your Gutter Guard

A mesh gutter guard comes in several different types, materials, shapes, and colour. If you’re planning to install one for your gutter system, you must find the correct type for your home. The amount of gutter guards in the market is pretty broad; yet they’re currently dominated by two systems: ski-slope and insertion. These come in various materials ranging from metal to plastic. If you’re interested in knowing how to install a DIY-Gutter-Guard-Kits-Online gutter mesh Melbourne, you’ll need to know how to install each type. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you how to install different kinds of gutter mesh guards:


Installing an Aluminium Gutter Mesh

If you’ve decided that an aluminium gutter mesh is the ideal gutter guard that will suit best with your home, here’s a detailed description on how to install it yourself:


First, always remember that accidents are just lurking around the corner. Working around roof edges is extremely dangerous. So proceed with caution and care. Always wear protective gear and make sure you wear a harness to prevent you from falling on the ground in case you slip from your ladder. We strongly urge you to take good care at all times. Make sure your ladder is firmly secured on the ground. Once you’re all set, click here to get a detailed guideline on how to install your aluminium gutter mesh.


How to Install a Gutter Mesh on a Tiled Roof

With so many different types of roof tiles, not all methods of installing a DIY-Gutter-Guard-Kits-Online gutter mesh Melbourne is the same. However, we focus on providing as many tips as well can. Consider this set of guidelines.


  1. The aluminium mesh must be rolled out along the entire length of the roof and gutter.
  2. Attach from the edge of the mesh to your gutter system using trimets.
  3. Using the 500mm long trimets will ensure that your screws are fixed at the recommended 250-millimetre spacing.
  4. Make cuts in the mesh, on the back side. While the mesh doesn’t stretch, you must allow ‘relief’ cuts. This method will allow the mesh to mould to the roof shape.
  5. Tuck the mesh under the tile.
  6. Finish the hips and ends. This process will involve cutting around the hips and cutting below the second-last row of roof tiles that are cemented to the hip.


Congratulations! You now know how to install a DIY-Gutter-Guard-Kits-Online gutter mesh Melbourne. For more gutter guard installation tips and tricks, click here. You can also check out our product page for some of the best gutter guards available.