Shopping for Door Levers: How to Choose the Right One

Door Levers from LoAndCoInteriorsDoor levers are used to open and close a door. They are available in different types like a single lever, double lever, push-button and slide lever. A good quality door can last for decades. It may become slightly worn after years of use, but this problem is quickly resolved by taking them to a professional repairer.

To help you choose the right Door Levers from LoAndCoInteriors for your home or office, you should follow specific tips in buying them. First of all, you should keep specific points in mind when you are buying door levers. Some of the tips in buying them are discussed below:


The door levers you buy depends on your taste. If you have a large door, then it is better to get a big door lever. You should avoid the style that blocks your doorway. It is better to choose the style that matches your door. You can also select door levers according to your security needs. For example, if you have a heavy-duty door, you can opt for a heavy-duty door lever.


Before you buy a door lever, you should make sure that it fits into the door. For interior door installation, then it should not be too heavy or too light. The colour of the door lever should also blend with your door. It should complement the colour of the walls, the carpet and the drapes. There are various kinds of colours to select the door lever such as antique black, rustic black, brass and nickel.


You should choose a door lever according to its durability. If you buy a new door, then the lever will need replacement after a few years. You should not compromise on the door lever’s durability because, after a few years, the door will come loose. The door might break off, or there might be sharp edges that cause the door to break. Therefore, the durability of the door lever should be high.

Ease of Use

Every person in this world wants a knob which is simple to operate and use. This is the same for a door lever. You should choose a door lever which is easy to handle. One way to find out whether the door lever is easy to operate is to put a piece of tape on the door and then try to push the door. If you can do it without any problem, then you have selected the right door lever.


Every home should ensure the safety of the people living in it. The door should have a proper locking system. The double locking system ensures that only one person should open a door whereas no other person is outside the house.

If you want to change the door lever to better function, then many companies sell or install door levers in your home. Some of the companies give you a complete installation kit to install your door lever. These companies also guarantee that you would have a safe and secure home after installing your door lever.

However, if you want to buy a door lever for your home, you can first try to find out which ones are suitable for your home. For this, you need to measure the door and then check out the various types available in the market. Many companies sell or install door levers in your home. Some of the companies provide different kinds of doorknobs and door pulls.

The doorknobs and door pull of different companies may look similar. However, the mechanism which is used in the housing may be different. Therefore, it is essential to check out the features of the door levers. You can also go for an experienced technician, who can help you choose the right kind of door lever for your home. These experienced technicians usually work with an extensive range of products such as door springs, door curtains, locks, etc.

High-quality Door Levers from LoAndCoInteriors will not only add to the decor of your home but will also provide excellent security. If you have one of the security products installed at your home, you will have extra peace of mind. Most burglars prefer to enter homes through doors that are not secured. If you have security devices, you will have extra safety and security in your home. The price range of these security products is quite affordable, and everyone can afford them.