Bathroom Floor Tile Designs for Outgoing Homeowners

Are you someone who loves meeting people and interacting with the world? Do you adore bright colours and shining lights? If you are and you’re having a bathroom project done, check out these Aurees Floor Tiles Adelaide designs that will spill the tea about your fantastic personality.


Tiles of today come in various colours, styles, and patterns that you can check out. Visit your tile provider’s portfolio to get an idea about the existing designs that other homeowners applied. You can also inquire about custom patterns that will suit your taste best.


Bright, Striking Colours


Most outgoing people are fond of eye-catching colours that speak of happiness, fun parties, and social events. Your experts at Aurees Floor Tiles Adelaide can recommend designs that feature different shades. You can also go for rainbow colours to add more life to your bathroom.


Big, Bold Slabs


If you want a more eye-catching style that will speak a lot about your personality, you can go for big tile slabs, instead of smaller, more intricate designs. Ask your provider about bold colours that blend with each other. For instance, you can mix up yellow and green shades, as well as pink and neon green hues. Your home tiles will surely grab the attention of friends and loved ones who are coming over for a house party.




Thanks to the improvements in the tile industry, installers can now create designs that feature an illusion. The installation will take more time than usual, but rest assured that your tiles, whether in the bedroom or at the living room, will make your guests want to stare at the illusion on your floors.


‘Outrageous’ Styles


For “outrageous” tile designs, you can browse through the portfolio of your provider. The models may include landscape mosaics, abstract art pieces, and many more! You can even go for a mosaic of yourself or someone you admire.


There are now multiple options for people who love all things bright, fun, and full of life. You can explore various designs that highlight an outgoing personality and lifestyle. Your providers can help you come up with a specific plan that no other home in Adelaide has!


For custom designs, it is best to discuss your preferences with the provider well. Take your time, explore your options, and let your tile expert know how you want the final output to be. Depending on the intricacy of your chosen design, your project may be completed in less than a week.


Consult with reputable tile companies in the area and start working on your project soon!