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Graphic design is a vital skill in today’s online space. It helps convey information, motivates users, or captivates their attention.

The highest reviewed graphic designer Adelaide constantly pushes the envelope of creativity and design. Their work should be followed by anyone seeking motivation or ideas.

David Alessi

highest reviewed graphic designer AdelaideItalian design company Alessi, located in Omegna and Crusinello, has earned itself a place of honour as one of the world’s most recognisable brands. They produce an array of household objects, furniture and even boats made with quality materials – all guaranteed to last.

Alberto Alessi’s maternal grandfather Bialetti created the iconic Moka coffee maker, which uses steam to brew coffee and is one of its most iconic designs. This machine boasts one of the best-looking designs available today – truly one-of-a-kind!

Jonathan Vingerhoets, designer and architect, asked Asymptote to help him create the ultimate shopping experience for Alessi’s first US store. To showcase their wares, Asymptote suggested using a modular shelving system paired with LED lighting – creating a display that was both eye-catching and complemented Alessi’s stainless-steel items beautifully.

Sergio Ramirez

Ramirez served as Nicaragua’s vice president from 1985 to 1990 and has been one of Latin America’s prolific writers. His works range from novels and short stories to essays.

Ramirez was born into a family of Somoza dictators but quickly rose to become one of the leading critics of his regime while studying law at the University of Leon. Following voluntary exiles in Costa Rica and Germany, he returned to Nicaragua in the late 1970s and was elected vice president.

David Berkowitz

When David Berkowitz, better known as The Son of Sam, was arrested and sentenced for shooting and killing six people, New Yorkers were relieved that their nightmare was over. But Maury Terry – a journalist who investigated the case – believed something bigger was at play than just Berkowitz alone.

Terry had lived in Yonkers for many years and became obsessed with the case when he saw Berkowitz’s mugshot. After researching the murders, Terry became certain Berkowitz acted with accomplices.

He spent years searching for answers, eventually ending up in prison. Fortunately, Berkowitz agreed to an interview and provided his perspective of events.

Director Joshua Zeman’s Netflix docuseries The Sons of Sam delves into Terry’s research and the life of a man who lost his equilibrium. It provides an intriguing glimpse into how one can become consumed with lone-wolf obsession.

Will Barton

Barton, best known for his website of the same name, is an award-winning digital media specialist. His impressive portfolio of over one hundred print, video and interactive projects will leave you in awe. In addition, his proficiency with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop makes him ideal for logo designs or website redesigns. A native Florentine by birthright, Barton has been part of UNA since 2017, furthering his education with a Master in Sport & Recreation Management from UNA University. As a true master of many trades – bartender, baker, juggler and most recently, graphic design wizard with high esprit de corps – Barton has become a force within collegiate sports marketing circles nationwide.

Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator and educator based in Kansas City. Together with his wife Jessica, he co-owns Carpenter Collective – an innovative branding studio that brings powerful messages to life through branding, packaging design, illustration and design.

His latest project, “Sunday Suns”, is an enjoyable venture that uses the simple act of drawing, sculpting, modelling or stitching a unique sun each week as an opportunity to spread some happiness in the world. Dubbed half therapy and half visual journalism, this is his way of helping filter out negativity while injecting some much-needed good vibes.

He is the author of “Sad Santa,” a picture book that takes time to explore post-holiday blues. With bright and vibrant illustrations, this heartwarming tale will appeal to young readers and parents alike. Additionally, GDUSA named him one of their Top Graphic Designers to Watch in 2017; check out his Pinterest account for inspiration on logos, class designs, type and vintage euphoria!

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