A Quick Guide to Buying a Moisture Meter Online

Moisture occurs naturally in numerous types of materials and industries. From concrete, wood, and paper – these materials contain certain levels of moisture, which plays a vital role in their overall makeup. However, if left unmonitored, moisture can also cause serious problems. From inventory product losses to flooring failures to professional liability issues, moisture can be an issue if you don’t know how to handle it. That’s why you should use a moisture meter to measure the amount of moisture in a substance. When buying a moisture meter online, you must know what you’re buying. We won’t recommend you where to buy your moisture meter since you can buy directly from us. But what we’re concerned about is the type of moisture meter you’re going to use. In this article, we’re going to go over the different kinds of moisture meters to determine which of which is the ideal one for you.



Wood Moisture Meter

If you’re looking for a moisture meter for wooden materials, keep in mind that the best type will depend on the type and size of the wood you’re working with, as well as the application requirements. There are currently two basic types of wood moisture meters: pin-style or pinless. You can already tell the difference just by their names. Pin-style meters feature a pair of metal pins that penetrate below the wood surface to measure internal moisture content. Pinless moisture meters use a sensory pad instead. It features high amounts of frequency radio-wave signal technology to scan more significant areas of the wood for more accurate moisture content.


Concrete Moisture Meters

Moisture meters that are made for measuring concrete include two different types of moisture testing: the standard moisture meter or relative humidity testing. Concrete moisture meters are handheld devices that action at a limited range of the concrete’s exterior surface. They are also available in pin-style and pinless variants. Concrete moisture meters are highly inaccurate, which makes them unreliable for documenting relative humidity (RH) as per standards. Relative humidity testing, on the other hand, determines a concrete slab’s RH at a specific and more accurate depth. Learning the right accuracy of RH is important when moisture-sensitive finished flooring products are going to be used on top of the slab. Numerous sensors are attached within the concrete slab and allowed the balance everything before providing RH readings.

Paper Moisture Meters

A paper moisture meter monitors the moisture levels of paper to have it ready to production, shipping and storage. It’ measure moisture for paper or other fibrous wood-based inventories. That way, it will ensure that stock isn’t damaged or destroyed by excess moisture conditions. Similar to wood, paper moisture meters are also available in pinless or pin-style forms. Some paper moisture meters can also be attached to product-specific external probes for checking the moisture content in large bundles of bales.


So the next time you’re going to buy a moisture meter online, make sure you know what type of MC you’re looking for. Purchase a moisture meter from us today! Visit our website to make your order.