The Secret to Making Quality Hay

It is accurate to say that hay is a staple food for livestock. Any livestock farmer will tell you that you cannot succeed in this business field without securing enough feeds for the animals and this where haymaking comes in. Since you can never have ready or fresh pasture for your flock all year round, you need to be prepared to face the worst. The worst, in this case, is prolonged drought and flooding that can affect your green pasture. You can be a step ahead by preserving enough hay for future use. Even in the rare occurrence that there is no feeds shortage on your farm, you can sell the hay bales to other farmers struggling with feeds and make extra income. Therefore, making hay is a worthy investment no matter which angle you look at it. However, what is the secret to creating quality hay?

Haymaking is easier said than done. The process of making hay is simple but what matters is how. If you preserve you hay the wrong way, you will end up with low-quality feeds which will affect your production. Sometimes you can lose your feeds due to rotting, and this is the worst that can happen to any farmer. So, how do you do it? Well, the process is what you already know. Harvest at the right time and make the round or square bales. What you need to concentrate on is hay protection or preservation, which is where net wrap for hay comes in.

Once you make your hay bales, you can either transport them to a storage facility for protection or use a quality net wrap. By taking your hay bales to a storage location, you will incur a high cost as you need to rent or construct a storage unit. Also, you will have a limited number of hay bales that you can preserve. It is an outdated way of storing hay bales, and you need to up your game and use the modern methods.

The easiest way to preserve quality hay is to use the net wrap. All you need is wrap the hay bales and leave them on the farm. You may wonder what makes net wrap special, right. Well, with net wrap, you can put the baled hay on the farm as it comes with unique features like UV stability which will keep the baled hay safe from harsh sun rays. Also, your feeds will not rot as the net wrap has water shedding features that will keep the baled content safe. When it comes to transportation, you will have an easy time handling the bales as the net wrap is strong enough to withstand breakages.