4 Things You Need to Know Before Building #1 Granny Flats Adelaide

Are you planning to build a granny flat in your backyard? If so, keep in mind that it can be a lengthy and tedious process. However, it can also be an excellent investment that will serve a number of purposes if you manage to get it done. It uses includes extra space for your visiting relatives or guests, a playroom for your kids, or even as a rented space for potential tenants. #1 Granny flats Adelaide can be a worthy addition to your home as long as you know what you’re going to deal with first before you acquire one. With that said, here are four things you need to know before building your very own granny flat:


Get Council Approval for Your Granny Flat

The first thing you need to know is that getting a granny flat requires you to get approval from your local council. Keep in mind that different councils have different requirements when it comes to building or renovating a block of land. Visit your local council and approach the building and planning department. By inquiring with them directly, you can get all the necessary requirements for you to get approval to build a granny flat.


Granny Flat Size Restrictions

A particularly essential council requirement involves knowing the minimum land size that you will use for your granny flat. You may assume that you have enough space for your granny flat. However, you must consider any state or territory regulations of measurement before you get approval and proceed with your project. Click here to know the size restrictions for #1 granny flats Adelaide in various areas here in South Australia.


Granny Flat Design

Now that you have all the documents and paperwork out of the way, you can now focus on something that’s more fun. Choosing for the ideal design is also a crucial phase as it will determine the look of your granny flat upon completion. Talk to an architect or project manager and get some helpful suggestions and advice from them. You can also hire them directly and have them do this phase for you.


Granny Flat Privacy

Finally, it’s also crucial that you consider the level of privacy that you install onto your granny flat. This stage will depend on the purpose of what you’re going to use your granny flat for. If you’re planning to use as a space for guests, then you need to make sure that your granny flat has all the privacy features needed. If it’s for your kid’s private space, then you might want to make it a little bit less private. That way, you can see what your kids are doing from the outside. Click here to learn more about #1 granny flats Adelaide privacy.