Perth Criminal Lawyers Protecting Their Clients

Perth criminal lawyers deal with the unique challenges of this country. If you have recently been charged with a crime, no matter how minor, it is important to choose an attorney who can efficiently represent your case and fight for the best outcome. There are so many aspects to fighting for your freedom and fighting for the innocent while fighting to prove your innocence at the same time that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Perth criminal lawyers offer a unique approach to fighting for their clients and give them the edge they need to defeat their charges.

Probably one of the most common charges clients see with Perth criminal lawyers is that of domestic violence. From child abuse to sexual assault, many different charges fall under this category. Sexual assault involves rape, sexual assault, or penetrative sex. Any non-consensual touching of a person’s body is considered to be assault. The crime of child abuse involves physical abuse or child neglect. However, even if the alleged perpetrator did not directly touch the child in the course of an assault, it may still be considered child abuse.


Obtaining the best outcome when charged with any crime requires the assistance of experienced Perth criminal lawyers. These qualified professionals understand all elements of the law and can use their knowledge to help you mount an effective defence against your charges. They can also provide emotional support during this stressful time and legal advice on the charges you are facing. This is usually done on a fee-based basis; although no wins, no fee deals are also available. Whatever the case, hiring a professional attorney to represent you in these times of adversity can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.


Many times, allegations of domestic violence extend beyond touching any part of another person’s body. Strict liability is a word that often comes into play in cases involving allegations of abuse or assault. In such instances, the accused must prove that the other person was present during the alleged assault or abuse, either by being there in person or by video recording the event. In the context of restraining orders, the Perth criminal lawyers can advise the court on whether or not the allegations have any merit and, if so, what measures are taken to prevent future occurrences.


The process of obtaining a restraining order can be very complicated, and many aspects need to be considered before a judge agrees to the request. In the case of domestic violence, this can include a background check on the alleged perpetrator. The Perth criminal lawyers will consider all this information before advising their client whether the order will be granted. While most orders are granted for a specific period, other provisions can allow the accused to travel to another city, province, or state if the situation warrants it. At the end of the initial consultation, the attorney will meet with the client to further discuss the allegations and obtain additional information that strengthens the case for the client. The final hearing will determine whether the order will be granted or a stay order will be issued until further notice.