Roof Hatches With Retractable Ladders

Roof hatches equipped with retractable ladders are an excellent solution for commercial premises that combine ladder access with fire safety or energy efficiency.

	roof access hatches with retractable ladderThe LadderUP Safety Post attaches securely to any fixed wall ladder, providing safe access to and from Roof Access Hatches or Floor Doors.

The TopAccess

Building and maintenance specialists need an effortless vertical access method to access steep areas like rooftops and roof decks of commercial establishments, like rooftops or roof decks. The roof access hatches with retractable ladder for the hatch provide that solution with their durable steel construction built from sturdy materials that let them get there quickly and safely.

Staka TopAccess roof access hatch has an innovative retractable ladder that easily slides out when needed but remains completely concealed by its casing when not used, creating safe and convenient roof access without needing an additional ladder holder. This cost-efficient solution ensures easy and secure roof access!

Ladders and stairways provide convenient, compliant access to roof areas through roof hatches; however, without proper safety systems, they also pose an inherent fall risk when climbing on or off fixed ladders. Anchor Safe can create and install custom guardrail kits that attach securely to any roof hatch opening to provide users with additional safety while accessing or exiting ladders, helping users adhere to height safety regulations more easily.

The Supreme

No matter the roof access needs of a construction site, warehouse, or office building – whether for accessing rooftop equipment, warehouse storage areas, warehouse spaces or offices – our insulated Supreme hatch with integrated ladder is a smart solution. It features weather-resistant hatch covers and upper and lower ladders insulated to prevent cold air entry.

This insulated steel roof access hatch features a gas spring-operated lid with Euro cylinder locks for security, providing easy opening and closing with handles on both the outside and inside covers, along with windproof and waterproof construction. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 3200 kg and its Euro cylinder lock security feature, the hatch provides accessible opening/closing features while being windproof and waterproof – features that simplify life!

Ladder-up Safety Post Mounts Permanently to Fixed Access Ladders

The Telescopic Ladder Safety Post provides safe ladder access through roof access hatches, floor doors and maintenance holes. Easily mounted to the top two rungs of a fixed ladder and easily extended when climbing on or off, it complies with EN 14975 to help users safely climb or descend ladders through openings without the need to build different structures or drill into ceilings or walls.

The Elite

Roof access hatches with retractable ladder are versatile solutions for cooling, lift machine rooms, window cleaning, and solar collectors. When combined with the LML wide-step metal attic ladder or any FAKRO attic ladder for ease of access. Piston-assisted hatches remain open at an 80deg angle while being secured with antislip covers on their frame for secure footing.

U-factor options range from 0.093% to 0.173% for our selection of insulated covers featuring a composite design for improved insulation. This offering combines Galvanized Steel curbs with white powder coats or Cool Eco White water-based paint finish options.

OSHA-compliant railing kits can enhance safety when accessing roof hatches with ladders. The four-sided design provides four sides of protection that shield workers from falling onto or off their ladder and allows easy installation without additional bracing requirements.

The Designo

Roof Hatch Opening was developed to provide safe access for roof areas through easy installation. The combination ladder/hatch system easily mounts onto fixed wall ladders and locks upright when in place for safe egress from and onto roof areas. Crafted from aluminium, the ladder won’t rust.

Designo provides comfort, safety and ease of use with its large step size and pre-assembled telescopic handrail comprising pre-assembled components to reduce assembly times. A spring mechanism ensures a low operating force so the unit can be closed or opened with minimum effort. Available as an entire system or just the ladder itself, the Supreme is ideal for replacing an existing ladder – its options can even meet fire-resistant and energy-efficiency standards!

Best Access Doors’ 12’0″ BA-LDR Ladder Extension for Roof Hatch provides effortless vertical access to steep areas within an establishment like rooftops or roof decks while conveniently storing itself thanks to a hinged gate with locking capabilities that makes closing it down an effortless task.

The ProfiLine

Williams Brothers Corporation of America offers this fireproof/no fireproof folding/disappearing stairway as an ideal way to gain roof access. Easy installation makes this solution an excellent addition to any roof hatch or ladder system; standard features include hinged gates for storing steel ladder when a closed position is achieved. Manufactured in America, WB Super Simplex stands up well against heavy industrial loads for long-term durability.