Get a Shade Sail and Enhance the Beauty of Your Garden!

A shade sail is a fantastic investment and will become the focal point of your backyard or lawn in Adelaide. Subtle, but impressive, Quins Canvas shade sails add colour and functional refinement to any residence, hotel or business.

Choose Colors that Harmonise with Existing Colors  

They seem to hover from the ground. These contemporary creations provide a grand and colourful enhancement to any building. The tones of shade sails are available in a variety of colours, so you can pick the colour that best suits your garden. Alternatively, you can design the colours of the garden to complement the colours of the shade sail.

Count on Professional Help 

If you are an amateur in gardening but know what you want, it is wise to employ the services of a professional designer of gardens or landscapes. They can guide you, not only in the overall scheme of the shade environment but also which plants will provide the best complementary colours.

Take Inspirations from Garden Shows

Shade Sails AdelaideTry to visit a garden show, the Chelsea Flower Show, for instance, then observe their imaginative ways of incorporating sail tones into their overall design.

The shape of your shade sail must be carefully examined. The triangles are the most popular, but any good shade sails company can advise you the personalised form that will improve your home and garden.

Surround Yourself with Plants and Climbing Flowers

Once the shape has been decided, it’s time to enhance the surrounding plants with a shade sail. Think of climbing plants that can thrive behind the wall as a colourful backdrop – wisteria,  honeysuckle, climbing roses, jasmine or clematis. These plants all provide the wow factor you’re looking for. You can add interest and lots of colour by adding climbing plants that sneak up to the peak of the structure. You could cultivate scarlet beans or morning glory at the poles, as well. The colourful flowers will surely add splashes of brilliance in the shade sails.

Many colourful plants prefer shade, and these can be planted in terracotta pots and stands in the shade sail to add more Interest. In this way, the shadow of the sail will continue where nature will end. A different way to achieve this mix, if there are trees available, is the sail’s site shading, so that it gives the effect of coming from the trees! To make this work, you must choose a matching or complementary warm colour for your shade sail.

 Small Garden? No Problem!

The flexibility of shade sails, available in all colours, sizes and shapes, makes them ideal for small gardens, where space is not a luxury. The area is still impressive and allows you to subtract the less attractive aspects of your garden.


It is essential to consider the positioning, shape and angle of your yard. A Quins Canvas shade sail is so much more than an awning or an umbrella and should be placed as an integral part of your garden design. Shade sails have the best appearance possible when you lean it slightly at an angle. Upon deciding on the angle and position, you have to consider the sun’s ray direction as well as the prevailing winds in your Adelaide garden.