Pergola Options: Timber vs Steel

When you decide to buy a pergola to install on your property, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. There are many customised varieties, plus you also get to choose from different materials. Well, the two most popular material options are timber and steel. If you are considering these two, you first must understand the advantages or benefits of each material.

Let us start with timber.

First, timber is an affordable and practical option. However, the best attribute of timber pergolas Melbourne is the fact that they are design flexibility. So, if your primary objective is to come up with a personalised pergola design, then timber should be a great option. Another remarkable thing about timber pergolas is you can quickly repaint them if you feel like it needs a change in colour or shade.

Furthermore, a timber pergola will give you a rustic look, thereby providing your outdoor space that much-needed improvement in aesthetic character and quality. If you consider your backyard as average quality regarding looks, the addition of timber pergolas Melbourne will surely give it an upgrade. Now provide you live near the sea or the beach, opting for an arbour made from timber makes much sense since wood has excellent resistance to salt as well as sand in the air. Therefore, you expect a timber pergola to last long in such an environment close to the sea.

On the other hand, steel is a great material to consider in building a pergola since it is modern and has exceptional weather resistance. If you put in much effort into shopping for a steel pergola, you will realise that there are several options out there, including those with customised designs and wrapped in stylish colours. You might find it overwhelming to choose which ones offer the best complement to your outdoor space.

A crucial reminder in choosing a steel pergola is to look for affordable options. Some of the options you come across might be overpriced. However, with many manufacturers and suppliers, you do not need to purchase expensive pergolas, especially those varieties made from steel.

It is true that steel is pricier compared to timber, but most people think it is easier and more convenient to maintain. However, there also is no denying that wood looks a lot better than steel. The aesthetic value of a pergola is subjective, and you may like steel more than wood. However, at the day’s end, it is no secret that both steel and timber are your best selections when it comes to choosing the material for your pergola. Aside from the fact that they are readily available, you also can choose different designs and styles.