4 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Although it’s a fun and fulfilling task, web design is no easy feat. It’s an intricate process that requires careful management. It’s also a short and steady journey towards your final output.


Along the way, you might encounter some potential hindrances like committing some web design mistakes listed below. Keep in mind that while you should avoid making mistakes, it’s quite an inevitable reality for any web designer.


Professional web page designers Adelaide make sure that the entire web design process is smooth and hassle-free for every designer. So, here’s a checklist of 5 potential don’ts that you should avoid in your later projects:


1.) Users should be able to know what your website is all about in mere seconds

It is the most crucial factor that most web designers tend to overlook. The importance of quick first impressions is second to none. People on the internet are growing impatient. That’s why if they don’t get what your site is all about in seconds, they will ultimately leave your site without question. That’s why aside from optimising your site load speed, you should also make sure that the design and overall content inside your website are relevant to what it is and what it can offer its potential clients right from the get-go.


2.) Make site content conveniently scannable

Keep in mind that you’re making a website, not a book. Unless they want to read an online novel or an eBook, people on the internet will have no time to read lengthy content. That’s why it’s essential for designers to incorporate short yet concise content on their website. Ditch large blocks of text. Instead, create a short, brief and bulleted version of it. It makes reading comfortable and more convenient, boosting the overall impression that your site will get.



3.) Do not use overly fancy fonts

In line with the importance of readability, you should also make sure that the font you use is simple, clean, and readable. Whatever font style you choose, the very first thing that you should consider is its readability. If it’s too sophisticated, then select another one. Keep in mind that the goals are not just about style, it’s also about convenience and how you can get your audience engaged through written content. While we’re even on the topic, also avoid using small fonts as they tend to confuse your audience. You want to make sure that your content is readable without people having to zoom in on your site.


4.) Use other forms of content

Nothing is worse than a website that only contains text. If your site is like this, people will tend to criticise it as too bland and unattractive at all. Instead, what you should do is to incorporate your website with multiple forms of content media. It can be a relevant image, an animation, or even a video. Professional web page designers Adelaide incorporates various types of content on their site to give their audience options on how they are going to receive the information you’re going to provide them.


As much as we tend to avoid these mistakes, they will creep up and cause some problems with our websites at some point. That’s why it’s essential for us to be fully aware of them at all times to avoid committing them. Make sure you are mindful of these mistakes and make sure not to make the same mistakes on your next project.