What Should You Look for in Security Doors Adelaide?

If you’re looking for an excellent addition to boost both the aesthetic value and security of your home, then security doors Adelaide is something that you should consider. It offers a nice look and even added protection from the weather, harmful insects, and even criminals. If you’re thinking about adding a security screen door for your home, there are several features and factors to consider. To guide you with your purchase, here are the things that you need to know when shopping for one.

Type of Door Frame Material

While aluminium is the go-to option for most security screen doors, you should know that there are several other materials available. Apart from the standard aluminium, security screen doors are also available in steel and metal alloy variants. Each material is strong, durable, and offers its unique set of features. However, because aluminium and metal alloy frame are weaker than steel, compromises had to be made to make these materials equally stronger. When shopping for a security door, make sure you consider the material. Assess it and determine if it fits your needs and preferences.

Type of Door Mounting Installation Method

Both tube-frame mounting and flush-mounted installation provide a formidable amount of security. However, flush mounting security doors Adelaide makes the screen door look more natural. It also provides a better seal since there isn’t any gap around the opening. On the other end, mounting your security door on a tube frame means the door will stick out to 1 to 1.25 inches from the door opening since it’s mounted on the door trim instead of inside the actual opening of the doorway.

How Security Screen Doors Seal Out Insects and other Pests

It’s crucial that you understand how new security screen doors will close and seal out outdoor insects and bugs. In several parts of Australia, the major problem is mosquitoes. To repel them, most security door installation companies use peel-and-stick foam tape to create a tight seal around the security screen door. The foam tape eventually, will harden and crack. That’s why you need to replace it once a year. Other quality door companies will use filter strips to seal the door. What you need to look for a is a bug-tight seal, which is why felt pieces are the ideal since it lasts longer and requires little to no maintenance. Jump over to this site to know more about this topic.

These are all you need to know about security doors Adelaide. If you’re looking to buy one for your home, make sure to use this article as a reference.