Advantages and Disadvantages

Aluminium framed windows are making steady gains as an appreciation for today’s mid-century modern design continues. These windows are attractive and durable and have many advantages over the sash window or sliding glass door models that were so common just a few years ago. Yet aluminum windows aren’t for everyone and certainly not for each house. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about installing new windows in your home.


One of the major benefits of aluminum windows over vinyl windows is their lower energy cost. The fact is, they are much more energy-efficient than older style vinyl windows, and even the aluminum versions will require almost no more maintenance than older windows if you are careful about the climate of where you live. In fact, with some simple upkeep, your aluminum windows will have virtually zero maintenance over the years and will last decades. The fact that they are more durable also leads to homeowners choosing them over more common choices such as vinyl and wood. If you want the most durable product out there, then you will want to consider aluminum Windows Adelaide seriously and the savings they will provide over time.

Another advantage to aluminum windows from Arborcrest over other options is their increased energy efficiency. Because they contain no gas, they require a smaller amount of electricity to operate and thus lead to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the aluminum frame is so solid and sturdy it conducts heat better than some other materials used for window frames. This means that homeowners using them can expect the more efficient operation of their air conditioners and heat pumps while not spending more money on their HVAC units or heat recovery ventilators.

Finally, another reason why homeowners prefer aluminum windows to other materials is their durability. Compared to vinyl windows and vinyl frames, they are much less likely to be damaged during regular use. They may, however, experience some wear and tear, especially if they are frequently opened and closed, but this should only be a minor concern. With just a little time and effort, anyone can quickly mend even the weakest seals and make them work again. On the other hand, with the many moving parts contained in some vinyl windows and aluminum frames, the chance of damage is greatly increased.

While all these advantages make aluminum windows extremely popular among buyers, there are some disadvantages to choosing them. Although they are extremely durable and highly energy-efficient, they are also more expensive than standard replacement windows. Moreover, they are notorious for not being particularly aesthetically pleasing. As a result, many buyers find that choosing smaller, thinner frames are the best way to address these issues.

These are just a few of the benefits and drawbacks that aluminum windows from Arborcrest offer. The real question is whether you should choose them or those made out of more traditional materials. Of course, it all depends on your budget and personal preferences. Whichever you choose, though, you can be certain that installing new windows in your home will positively impact the overall value.